Psychological and legal technologies of counteracting abuses in the arbitration process
ISSN 2039-9344

The monograph is devoted to the research into the problems of using psychological techniques in practical professional activity, in particular, to arbitration abuse counteracting technologies. The book widely covers methodological foundations of psychological impact in the professional activity of the judge; the theoretical and methodological background of studying problems psychological and legal technologies of counteracting […]

The development of nanotechnology industry in the United States: methodology, concept and practice.
ISSN 2039-9340

The monograph covers the technological backgound of new generation crystalline nanostructures used in solving problems of increasing capacity and data transfer rate, and provides a comparative analysis of different types of nanotechnologies, in particular, the prospects for using the isotope effect and isotopic nanotechnology. The study presents prime postulates of the classical approach to the […]

Social factors of stroke risk (based on New York State data)
ISSN 2039-9343

The monograph presents modern data on risk factors for stroke development. The state of health of the New York State population in the post-war situation, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are analysed. Following the results of medical and social study carried out within the territory of the State of New York, the main […]

Strategic approaches to the development of US energy infrastructure in the context of the federal national power grid and energy markets.
ISSN 2039-9348

The monograph explores the theoretical and practical problems of formation of cross-border power complex on the basis of US Fuel and Energy sector in terms of integration of federal power systems and energy markets in the North American energy generating space. The necessity of forming multi-resource energy infrastructure is substantiated. The authors define the contours […]